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hardscape and masonry projects

AHM Landscaping and Construction provides our services to Midlothian, Waxahachie, Venus, Cedar Hill, and Surrounding areas!

What is hardscaping?

Hardscaping is the use of hard materials like brick, stone, or other materials to create a functional space.  Many homeowners in Midlothian, Venus, Waxahachie, and surrounding areas are choosing hardscaping in addition to traditional landscaping for many reasons. One of the reasons that more people are leaning towards hardscaping is its convenience of it. Once the hardscape is created, it’s pretty easy and straightforward to maintain. Because of our dry, extremely hot summers, hardscaping does very well because it needs less maintenance than a traditional lawn. 

At AHM landscaping and construction, we are specialists in hardscaping, hardscaping front and backyard, and masonry and we have plenty of ideas that can help you well on your way to creating the hardscape of your dreams.

If you are looking for a hardscaping company near me, please reach out to us today and we would be very happy to discuss your next project!  

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Hardscape Design

Every outdoor vision starts with a property walk with the customer. We then sit down and discuss your options based upon the details given to us by the customer. We discuss grade and water runoff and exactly how that's going to effect are design. We then draw out a rough sketch of the property plans go over the design with the customer getting measurements, soil tests, and overall design plans along the way. After the rough design is made we run it by the customer and if were all on the same page I take your email and send you the first quote invoice. We then agree upon a start date and finish date and go into the pre work phase. The first initial step in the pre work phase is to provide the customer with a 3d design and CAD design if requested. This phase usually comes with change orders if that's taking away from the design or adding to it. You will be in contact with me extensively about any change orders before we even take foot on your property that way we aren't charging you for un needed work . With each change order we send you the pricing and the updated pre work invoice. After we come to a design we both love we then sign off on the pre work invoice, take the down payment for the job and provide the customer with signed invoicing. Now that the complicated design process is done we then agree to a final start date to get started on the outdoor living space of your dreams.      

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Hardscape Installation

After a finalized design we come out and mark all existing utilities such as water, electric, gas, fiber optic, and irrigation a week prior to your start date. We will be in contact extensively updating you upon scheduling that week and the exact times we will be arriving and leaving your property. Once we come to the start date the ugly part of the process starts we demo anywhere from 1-8 feet depending upon grade difference and the type of project we are doing. This process takes anywhere from 1-6 days on most projects. After the demo is finished we start installing the sub base usually consisting of concrete or grade 8 compaction gravel depending upon the project and what is needed. Install takes on average 2-8 days. After everything is finalized we clean the property up as if it were our very own. We then do a final walk-through with the customer making sure to fix any imperfections we might spot together. We strive for 100% satisfaction on each and every hardscape job and provide a 1-year warranty to back that up. We truly hope to hear from you to experience the AHM difference today. 

Hardscaping vs Softscaping 

The difference between soft and hardscaping is that hardscape describes the harder things in your yard like the stones, concrete, fire pits, pathways and bricks, whereas soft scaping refers to the growing elements in your landscape like plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, mulch and turf. 

You can look at hardscaping as something that defines your landscaping, while softscaping beautifies it. 

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