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Lawn Maintenance and Fertilization

AHM Landscaping and Construction provides our services to Midlothian, Waxahachie, Venus, Cedar Hill, and Surrounding areas!

Free Estimate

All lawn maintenance and fertilization quotes begin with a digital measuring software. We get an exact measurement for the square footage of your lawn. We provide the customer with a exact price for the service. If pricing is agreed upon we schedule you for the next up coming available maintenance date we have available at that time (1-7 days) (No Contract required). We also provide in person quotes to run through service options and scheduling if requested.

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First Visit

During the first visit we come up with a plan for your property to meet every expectation of yours. We specialize in full property maintenance giving you a countless amount of options from your landscape, lawn, and even exterior home maintenance to make sure your property is constantly in perfect condition. We strive to upkeep your property to any standard in which are customer sets. That can range anywhere from pasture maintenance, to getting a property ready to sell and anywhere in between.

Maintenance Schedule

After the first visit and maintenance plan made we get the customer booked for weekly or bi weekly maintenance. We keep in contact with the customer if any weather implications or work implications arise. However we understand are customers have a tremendously busy schedule and that is why they hire us. Therefore we strive to show up on time every week on the same day. We require no contracts with maintenance leaving you worry free we will get the job done. We strive for perfection and nothing less and if are customer isn't 100% satisfied we will show up to fix anything that week that you have concerns about. 

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