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Desert THeme Lanscaping ,DFW Tx

Landscaping Desert Theme 

If you’re living in a city with strict water restrictions during the summer, you'll probably need some sort of low maintenance decorative plantings to fill in your landscape. 

You don't necessarily have to avoid plants all together,  you can also opt for low-maintenance shrubs and small trees. It important to remember that a desert theme landscape has more to offer than just custus. Texas has a variety of native drought tolerant plants. 

Below is a list of drought tolerant ornamental plants commonly used in Texas Desert Scapes.  

  • Vitex 

  • Texas Prickly Pear

  • Texas Ranger Sage

  • Mediteranian Fan Palm 

  • Roses 

  • Red Tip Yucca 

  • Artichoke Agave 

  • Palo Verde 

  • Juniper 

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Zeroscaping or Xeriscape? 

The correct pronunciation of the word is actually “zeer-i-scape” (Xeriscape) However most people mistakenly refer to this style of desert landscaping as “zee-ro-scape”.

What is the word xeriscape mean?

Xeriscape is a term used to describe landscaping that uses little or no water. 

In xeriscape, water conservation techniques are used to plant in arid and semi-arid climates

Xeriscapes are gardens use decorative rock as a ground cover instead of sod.  This allows homeowners to use water than traditional landscapes. Xeriscape lawns  can be used to create beautiful outdoor spaces without the need to water them constantly. One of the best parts about a xeriscape design is sustainability. You will be able to maintain your landscape with minimal intervention and cost.

There are several different ways to go about creating a xeriscaped garden. You can start by choosing plants with low water requirements. This includes certain grasses and other ground covers. You should also choose annuals instead of perennials. Perennial flowers are usually very thirsty, so you'll end up spending more time watering your landscape.

You can also try to reduce the amount of water that is required. For example, you could install rain barrels or a drip irrigation system. Both of these options will help you save on your water bill while still providing you with lush greenery.

How do you xeriscape in Texas?

A growing number of Texas homeowners are Converting to a xeriscape design.

Xeriscaping is gainng popularity here in the DFW Area as water shortages and Increseing temperatures continue to plague Texas residents.

This means that lawn care is becoming more expensive to maintain. With xeriscaping, you can save a lot of water while still showcasing a beautiful  landscape. To achieve this, you must use water-saving plants and avoid using chemicals. Some Midlothian residents like xeriscaping due to it south western vibe.  Another advantage of xeriscaping is that it saves money. Your Maintnence cost will be much lower since the plants typically utilize in xeriscape are tougher and require less maintenance. 

This method includes using plants that can tolerate low soil moisture levels and drought conditions. These plants include grasses, succulents, and drought-tolerant shrubs and trees. 

This will help you to maintain your lawn and save on your water bill. You don't have to worry about watering your lawn regularly since, you can use water more effectively by choosing the right plants and growing them close together. When you choose these plants, you will be able to add beautiful colors and textures to your yard. You can create the look of a natural garden without having to spend money on expensive landscape maintenance.

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